SaNTINO - Girl (Music Video)

A music video for the artist SaNTINO which was premiered on Clash Music.

I worked along side the director Santino as the cinematographer and video editor for the shoots. We tried to combine the essence of the old Soul Train TV shows with Japanese Anime/Games such as Naruto and Final Fantasy. 

Lead Cast Santino as SaNTINO
Karen Scattergood as Rooftop Girl
The Girls’
Ruby Pobgee Backing vocalist
Megan Roe Guitarist
Charlotte Jones Bassist
Holly Allton Keyboardist
Chloe Gumbley Drummer
Featured Dancers
Bar Groisman
Lou Ditaranto
Set Design and Maintenance
Christian McBarron
Jake ‘Fog Guy’ Cosgrave
Camera Operators
Oliver Asadi
Nicolas Haquin
Christian McBarron
Adam Smith
Musical Score & Sound Design
Santino Browne

Behind The Scenes