(Leeds, United Kingdom) - Oliver 'King Lion' Asadi has finally released his long-awaited EP project Untamed today, which features a unique collection of songs that have been produced, mixed, and masterminded by the DIY artist himself. A true passion project, singles include his anthem “In My Jungle,” melodic yet abrasive “Superstar,” adventurous “Love Pass,” and Anarchic song “Till I Die.”

The EP release follows his single, “Fire,” which saw the Leed creative push himself artistically, technically, and intellectually. With a raw power and distinctive style, he has proven himself to be a true master of his craft. By infusing different facets of his true personality into his art, he’s ferocious and powerful and more untamed than ever before.

On the project, Asadi himself explains: “Everything you hear was made in my bedroom which we call ‘The Jungle’. I wanted create songs with new musical textures but also make them catchy at the same time. A lot of the songs are made with a live format in mind because I want everyone to be involved in my songs. I feel like this is a true D.I.Y record.”